Dance in Ethno 2016
The third edition of Ethno Portugal will be open once again this year for young dancers who want to learn, build and (re)build traditional dances of each  participant's countries.
We believe that traditional music is directly linked with dance. 
A set of concerts are planned for Portugal and maybe Spain, and in the nearby cities of Castelo de Vide. The group of dancers will prepare a performance that will be presented with Ethno Orchestra Show. 
We are looking for 12-15 open-minded dancers, with good energy, to integrate an experimental dance lab.

Ethno Portugal dance camp will happen at the same time as the musicians camp, between 22nd July and 1st August, in Castelo de Vide.
The age limit for participants is 16-30 years. There will be workshops every day where participants will be able to share and learn dances from different countries. 

Camp fee and registration:
The participation fee is 150 €. This includes workshops, food - (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from 22nd July to 1st August , lodging in a school in Castelo de Vide during camp and camping during Andanças (for this you must bring your tent, sleeping bag and mat). Bus transport during the camp, Andanças Festival will also be included, along with free entrance to all activities in the festival.

To register, fill out the form which can be found here

Artistic Dance Leaders 2016

Catarina Ascensão 
Graduated in Contemporary Dance and Choreography (2006), in Portugal, attending a masters in Education through Art – Theatre, Catarina develops her work between teaching, creating/performing and through a path in holistic therapies, as well as in handcraft, such as handmade notebooks, paper and wood carving. Until 2011 Catarina worked as a full time freelancer, mainly in Portugal, combinig her artistic work as a dancer in different companies and as teacher in several public and private schools. In 2012, she quit this path and started to travel and deepen her holistic research, mainly in India, France and Portugal, with different approaches, discovering bridges between her backgound and in the connection between movement / life / healing. Also in 2012, she started to deepen her knowledge in traditional dances and world music, discovering a new passion. Since then, she has been leading workshop in several festivals. She co-organizes an annual event: Resitrad, develops Pendulum with Daniel Detammaecker, and is the artistic director of Le Bal Détourné.  At the moment she’s deepening a specific work upon connection and listening of the being, through movement, using a blindfold as a tool for opening the doors of perception. Find more about this project .

Sérgio Cobos
Specialized in galician music and dance, learned in folk school “Cantigas e Agarimos” and through field work and  and Ethnocoreographic and Ethnologic researches since 1989. He was the musical director and dancer in GS21 and Circio dance companies. Also a musician Violia- a group of traditional galician music and founder and interpreter  of Trebón and Bruma, two companies dedicated to new tendencies in galician music and dance.  He is currently part of the play  «Fica no singelo» from  Clara Andermatt Company. He is a dancer in different musical groups such as Berroguetto, Xosé Manuel Budiño e Marful, among others,  and he teaches tradicional galician dances in different events. Besides percussion, and bag pipes he plays the accordion  for groups such Mala Herba e Aqui Há Baile, to which he  made the arrangements from PédeXumbo Publication Cadernos do Alentejo.

[ ± ] Artistic Dance Leader 2015:
Anton Schneider Anton Schneider is a celebrated dance teacher and dancer, with a wealth of experience in creating folk dance performances for the stage. Anton is known for his energy and the simplicity that is a trademark of his teaching of dance. In his work as a teacher he empowers participants through involvement in the process of learning and creating. As a dancer he seeks for qualities that are unique to folk dance in its relation to gravity, flow and movement rooted in musicality. His formal education in Swedish folk dance was completed at The School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been performing and teaching in Sweden and abroad since 2003. [group/]