Useful Information


In Portugal, Ethno is organized by PédeXumbo and the first edition took place in the summer of 2014, in Castelo de Vide. 
In 2024, Ethno Portugal will happen from 1st to 12th of August, in Arraiolos, applications for this year's program will take place until April 30th!

These will be 10 days filled with music, sun, excursions in Alentejo region (in the south of Portugal)

This year, Ethno Portugal will reserve space for 30 young musicians from different countries (between 18 and 30 age) will share their energy, music, dance and culture and together create a show of original sounds that will be presented in different places.


The seventh edition of Ethno Portugal will take place in Arraiolos, between the1st to 12th of August 2024.
Ethno camp will start 1st of August in Arraiolos.


If you arrive by plane, we advise you to fly to Lisbon’s Airport.
From the airport, take the subway to “Jardim Zoológico” (blue line), where you will get inside "Sete Rios" train station. Outside you will find the main bus station.
→ Catch the 17:00 bus to Arraiolos.
Metro website:

There is only ONE bus to Arraiolos.
We’ll be waiting for you at the Arraiolos bus station with a van to help carry your bags and instruments to the meeting point.

We deeply advise you to buy your ticket in advance - it happened already that the bus was sold out, and participants had to sleep in Lisbon. Ethno does not take responsibility for this situation.

From Lisbon:
> 17:00 | Bus 80 from Lisboa Sete Rios station to Arraiolos
From Évora:
> 17:30 | Bus 84 from Évora bus station to Montemor-o-novo + 18:15 | Bus 80 to Arraiolos (you can buy a single ticket “Évora → Arraiolos”)
From Porto:
> 13:00 | Bus 50 from Porto Campanhã TIC to Lisboa Sete Rios + 17:00 | Bus 80 to Arraiolos (you can buy a single ticket “Porto → Arraiolos”)
For more information and prices please visit:

Arraiolos does not have a train station.
If you decide to come by train anyway:
Get a train to ÉVORA
Walk 25 minutes from the train station to the bus station
Get the 17:30 bus to Arraiolos (you’ll have to change in Montemor-o-Novo)

If you prefer travelling by car and have space for more people, we advise you to make your trip more sustainable, economic and fun by sharing it with other participants heading to Arraiolos or other people in general.

You can search for shared rides in: or

Fill out the car-sharing form or send an email if you need a ride or if you can give a ride (we’ll send you a document with all participants' contacts soon).


During Ethno Portugal, different mentors will conduct the creative process, help with musical arrangements, choreographies and assist in whatever is needed. 
We are looking for musicians and dancers, motivated and willing to dive in a amazing and unexpected journey.

Musicians from the same country must choose a traditional tune or song to share with all the other musicians, creating the repertoire for the final show.

The final show will consist in moments with all the orquestra group, and moments with small groups, where musicians can work closer together to explore even more the fusion, during all the creative process.

Mixed room at Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo de Arraiolos (Gym). There will be beds, mattresses, pillows and bedsheets available for sleeping. Hot showers available (no toiletries, please bring your own!) There are No Laundry Facilities – have this in mind when packing your luggage. We will have free access to the swimming pool! During the show tour we might be hosted in different cities.  All personal belongings must be taken from the gym at 11 am on the 12th august.
Veg and Non Veg Available
If you are allergic to something please remember to tell us if you didn’t in the application form.
Please if you have a very special diet, bring what you need to make you happy! 
We’ll have fruits for the small pauses.
There are supermarkets in Arraiolos.
Accommodation will be mainly in Arraiolos.  During the show tour with we will be hosted in different cities.  The food is included in the participation fee.  During the 12 days of Ethno Portugal, there will be concerts in different cities.