About Ethno Portugal
This summer you will have the opportunity to participate in the third edition of the program Ethno Portugal where you will live one of the most interesting musical experiences of your life.

You’ll be able to share your music and your culture with 45 young musicians aged between 16 and 30, from more than 20 different countries and all 5 continents.

10 days filled with music, a lot of sun, excursions in Alentejo, concerts in Portuguese and maybe even Spanish cities, a delightful gastronomy and you’ll be able to take part in the biggest Dance Folk Festival in Iberian Peninsula: Andanças Festival.

Where and when
The third edition of Ethno Portugal will take place this summer in Castelo de Vide between 22nd of July and 1st of August 2016. You will work alongside several mentors who will propose arrangements and who will guide you through your musical experience and journey during these days. 

What do you need to do
To prepare a traditional song from your country that will be shared with the rest of the participants. If you have ideas for musical arrangements, even better.  We suggest you bring one or two traditional songs that you wish to show your partners so it can be worked, remade and mixed with other country’s songs, throughout the week. If you come with your own folk group, indicate it in the application form. Here you can find more information about the artistic leaders.

We are looking for 12-15 energetic and open-minded dancers..
You can find more information about the dancing residence here. If you want to be part of this edition and share your experience with people from other countries, you can apply here.

We wait for you on Friday, the 22nd of July from 16:00 in Castelo de Vide! During the 10 days of camp we will prepare the repertoire of the Portuguese Ethno Orchestra and you will have the freedom to create other groups or to play with your folk group,  as part of the program on the Andanças Festival.

Some concerts will also be performed in nearby cities. We will inform you of specific dates nearer the time of the event. Accomodation will be provided at the public school Garcia de Orta in Castelo de Vide, so we recommend you bring a sleeping bag. If you are interested in staying through Andanças festival you will need a tent and be aware that food costs will not be included, however food in Andanças is quite affordable and delicious.