Dance in Ethno

Call for proposals for Ethno Portugal 2024 will be only for musicians,, but Ethno Portugal has included dance groups of young dancers in previous editions. 
Music is directly connected to dance, particularly traditional and folk music. By interlinking these art forms, there is a reinforcement of their message as they complement each other. We want the concerts presented by Ethno Portugal Orquestra to be complemented with dance moments, performed by an international group of dancers who will also take part in Ethno Portugal camp. 
We hope for next year that Ethno Portugal 2024 go back to invite a group of 12 to 15 dancers with a willingness to learn and share traditional dances of their countries to be part of this project. Music camp will looking for people with energy to integrate this experimental lab of dance, during 10 days, creating the performance that will accompany Ethno Portugal Orquestra concerts.
In Ethno Portugal, musicians and dancers work side by side, nourishing this relationship within 10 days, where sound and movement merge together.